5 Best and free CDN for wordpress

What us CDN ?

CDN is content delivery network. It make possible to deliver faster cached static content according to visitor location. It make possible visitor to get access to the content with nearest point of users. For example if someone is accessing our website from Unites States, CDN will provide cached content from UNITED STATES servers while caching it in their US server. Free CDN for WordPress is our topic today.

Bes Free CDN for WordPress are Below

1 Cloudflare 

Cloudflare is most popular CDN for WordPress. Securest CDN network for WordPress know as Cloudflare. The features of cloud flare are more than other Content delivery networks. It provides easy steps to configure. The best feuater of cdn is that provide DNS changes which makes server response most faster than other.

Free Plans features

  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Global Content Delivery Network

Free CDN for WordPress Cloudflare

2 Hostry

Hostry is another cdn that have free plans for wordpress. They are giving most powerful features and have premade wordpress plugin. This plugin enable all features of CDN and enable cache for website. It have all feature of caching in wordpress website.

Hostry free plan features 

  • DNS Locations:4
  • DNS Records:Unlimited
  • DNS Queries:Unlimited
  • DDoS Protection:Yes

Free SSL

  • WildcardYes
  • Multi-domainsYes
  • Alternative names in CSRYes
  • Automatic renewever 3mo

Hostry free cdn for wordpress

3 Incapsula  Free cdn for wordpress

Incapsula is another mostly used CDN for websites. Speed and Cache capability is better than other free. That’s why this is in our list. They have very smooth and clean guide for setup.

List of features 

  • Accelerate response speeds
  • Decrease bandwidth consumption
  • Deploy with only a quick DNS change
  • Redirect nuisance bots to alternative sites
  • Reduce server load with cloud load balancing

Improva free cdn for wordpress features


4 Photon by Jetpack

This cdn is another cdn powered by Jetpack. A powerful cdn allows you to customize and cache all the contents of website. Because this cdn is provided by jetpack, That’s why they have very intelligent guide. Very explained setup.

This CDN have large number of installations.

Jetpack free cdn for wordpress


5 AWS Cloudfront

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a pioneer in bringing high performance cloud computing to the masses at an affordable rate. One of their services is Amazon CloudFront an industry-leading content delivery network used by the likes of Slack and Spotify!

To top that off, they have a free usage tier of one full year. And the quota? 50GB of outbound transfer over the trial period. This is definitely a must-try for all WordPress enthusiasts.

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