How to activate license of visual composer for free

Visual composer is very popular wordpress page builder plugin. It provides almost all necessary tools for building an amazing website. For designing outstanding pages, visual composer is best ever. Activate license of visual composer for free is a rare trick that we gonna share with you today.

There are few simple steps,

Download and activate free version of wpbackery visual composer

Click on below link and download free version of visual composer.

Activating free version
Activate pro version of visual composer
  • Simply after downloading Visual Composer free version zip file, Upload on plugin folder and activate it.
  • After activating free version, you will have some free tools access to build a page, don’t worry! We are still here for activating license of paid version.


Install and activate pro version given below

Activate license of visual composer for free final steps are below ,,

  • Download pro version of visual composer by clicking download button and activate.


Like other plugins, just download this one, upload and activate.

After activating visual composer pro version , you can access all tools of visual composer for free.



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