Add mailchimp popup in wordpress using green popups

Green popups is a finest plugin for adding attractive popups or opt-in forms in wordpress. While using this plugin we will try to learn how we Add mailchimp popup in wordpress using green popups. There are simple few steps by following them we can easily add awesome opt-in form or popup in wordpress connected with mailchimp. Watch this video for more detail.

Add mailchimp popup in wordpress using green popups Step 1

Subscribe Now Install and active green popups plugin. For installing and activating, follow below steps.

  • Navigate to Plugins options in left sidebar of wordpress dashboard and click on Add New option.
  • After clicking Add New Button, you just need to click on Upload Plugin button.
  • Lastly just click on Choose File button and click on Install Now button.

Adding green popups plugin
Preview of adding wordpress plugin via WordPress dashboard.
Sub steps of installing WordPress plugin via dashboard.

  • Lastly after uploading plugin, just Activate This plugin.

Step 2

Finally, Your plugin is installed and activated. Now the popup creation or using existing prebuild popups using step start. Add mailchimp popup in wordpress using green popups is a easy thing. There are 2 kinds if popups that we can use existing popup or design new one. Now we talk about using existing popup while using green popups plugin. View of green popups options.

  • Just Click on Green Popups
  • Than Just navigate to Popups button

Green Popups Lists
A list of prebuild popups that you can use.
From this given list you can choose any popup and you can also preview. Choose any of prebuild design . You can preview the design of popup while clicking on preview button. For Example I’m going to preview contact form #3 popup design for editing.
Popup Preview Button
By clicking this button you can preview any popup design before editing.
Here is previewed popup design.
Prebuild Green Popup Design
Here is the awesome prebuild popup design that you can edit.

  • Activate Popups

Now the sub step of step 2nd is activating popup. You need to activate the popup that we are going to use and customize.

Activating Popup
Step for activating green popup.
Now, finally you gonna click on edit popup button for making edits.

Step #3 Editing Popup

You can change text and fields on popup by using editing tools. There is drag and drop builder for editing all the fields and text. Just double click on any item to edit it. After making all the changes in text or fields, just save it by clicking Save button. You all changes and design of popup is saved now.

Step #4 Integration of mailchimp | Activation

For integration of mailcimp with the popup, mailchimp API key is required. Simply for integration, follow below steps.

  • Click on Settings Button and than click on Advance tab.

  • On advance tab list of Email Marketing tools, you can choose mailchimp from it.

  • After clicking on activate button. Click on Save settings button given below.

This process is important for making mailchimp possible for integration. Now you need to go back to popup editing tab and click on edit button again for editing popup. There you can easily integrate.

Step #5 Integration finalize

Finalizing your intefration with mailchimp. Just connect your popup with mailchimp.

  • Click on settings Tab on editing popup dashboard.

After clicking settings tab, another tab will open.

  • Click on Integration and Click on mailchimp button.

After clicking Mailchimp Button, in another tab. Just past Mailchimp API Key and click on save details.   That’s great, your popup is live and connected with mailchimp. If you need any other help you can comment below with your feedback.


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