Android Your Videos Channel v4.3.0 Free of Cost Free Download

Android Your Videos Channel

Free Download Free of Cost Android Your Videos Channel v4.3.0

Android Your Videos Channel Source Code Free of Cost Free Download 4.3.0 – CodeCanyon | Android Your Videos Channel v4.3.0 is a premium mobile video platform that made under the Android platform. It can be used for the application of your own YouTube video channel and buttery supports YouTube integration.

It comes with a very powerful and fully responsive admin Panel that can manage unlimited categories and upload video items, or video content from YouTube and also modify admin username and password by generating a passwords and generate password.

The application was developed by Android for client-side and later PHP MySQL for the Admin side. It runs on the Android platform, which is the most used operating system used in the world. By using this app, you can save time and money developing your own video application.

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot

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Free Download Free Download Android Your Videos Channel

Changelog Android Your Videos Channel

#YOUR VIDEOS CHANNEL v4.3.1 (13/03/2022)
– Fix Play/Pause not working in ExoPlayer
– Fix load more not working in video list based on certain category
– Fix minor bugs

#YOUR VIDEOS CHANNEL v4.3.0 (04/03/2022)
– Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 2
– Update Gradle 7.2
– Update targetSdkLatest Version 32
– Add New Ad Network (AppLovin Discovery)
– Add AppLovin MAX Native Ad (Manual)
– Add Backup Ads
– In-App Review
– In-App Update
– Admin panel improvements
– Bulk delete videos
– More apps url can be managed from the admin panel settings menu
– Fix Zip Path Transversal error caused library on Play Store publication

#YOUR VIDEOS CHANNEL v4.2.0 (16/08/2021)
– Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Patch 2
– Update Gradle 7.0
– Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral
– Min SDK version 21 (Lollipop)
– Add New Ad Network (AppLovin & Unity Ads)
– Audience Network Open Bidding (AdMob & AppLovin)
– Add App Open Ad format for AdMob
– Fix cannot play YouTube Video
– Security improvement by replacing admin panel url with server key

– Build in latest Android Studio 4.0.1
– Update targetSdkLatest Version 30
– 3 Option Ad Network Providers (AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, StartApp)
– Ad Network is managed from admin panel (Remote Ads)
– YouTube API Key managed from admin panel
– Fix crash when open the application is some cases

– Build in latest Android Studio 3.6.3
– Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
– New UI/UX Design Improvement
– Add Dark Mode
– AdMob Native Ad
– Videos sort (most popular, oldest & newest)
– Shimmer Effect on Refresh
– Suggested Videos
– Fix security alert from Google Play (caused older OneSignal library)
– Fix previous notifications disappear when receiving new notification
– Purchase Code verification Improvement

– Build in latest Android Studio 3.4.1
– Update to Gradle 5.1.1
– Fix data not displayed on Android P (Pie) or above
– Multidex Enabled
– Fix Error when build the project

– Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.0
– Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library
– Update targetSdkLatest Version 28
– Fix description content that doesn’t appear
– Integrated with OneSignal Push Notification
– Handle to show dialog notification when app is opened
– Handle duplicate token when users re-install the app
– Admin Panel new design
– Fix Connection time out when sending fcm notification
– Push Notification to open link
– Package name validation
– Add new Settings menu for app package name, push notification provider (fcm / onesignal), site protocol, onesignal app id & rest api key

– Build in latest Android Studio 3.2.0
– Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
– Comply with GDPR Policy for EEA (European Economic Area) country
– Fix favorite menu not refreshed when favorite video removed
– Fix notification not received on Android O
– Old Latest Version Removed (Deprecated)

Important Note : This version as new app and it’s not compatible with previous or older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel is mandatory.
New Features and Improvement :
– Build in latest Android Studio 3.0.1
– Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
– Improvement Material Design UI
– Add Load More function
– Firebase Notification
– Youtube Live Support
– Implement Exoplayer for Video Player and Streaming
– Supports More Formats Video and Streaming
– Implement Retrofit for Rest API
– Implement Google AdMob according Policy Recommendation
– Interstitial Ad interval
– Easy Way Switch to RTL Mode (for Arabic Language)
– Advanced Search
– Add View Count
– Fix NullPointerException
– Admin Panel New UI
– Remove unused permission in AndroidManifest for policy violation
– Optimized to latest Android O
Removed features :
– Eclipse Project Removed (Deprecated)
– Onesignal Removed

– Build in latest Android Studio and Eclipse
– Migrate Push Notification from Parse to OneSignal
– Improvement UI Design
– Swipe Down Refresh Menu
– New Look in News Detail View
– Add Google Analytics
– RTL Latest Version Included

– Fix issue while error playing video from YouTube Source
– Update YouTube API library
– Improvement Application Design
– Improvement for Android Studio and Eclipse Projects code structure
– Update Parse Library
– Easy Enable or Disable AdMob
– Placing AdMob according new Google AdMob Policy Recommendation
– Fix some minor bugs

– Available for Eclipse ADT Project Latest Version
– Fix utf-8 unicode characters for support multiple language

– Initial Release

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