Dogecoin to the Moon an Elon’s Musk Tweet

Dogecoin to the moon is the latest tweet by Elon Musk about dogecoin. He is actually trying to launch this dogecoin as a moon cryptocurrency. Elon Musk is a single person who is presenting dogecoin again and again in his posts. It directly means that dogecoin’s future is strong than other coins now.

Dogecoin price gradually increases in the past few days and with a week. However, in the last few hours, its price is down but its market value is increased.

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Why did Elon Musk announce dogecoin as a moon coin?

Many experts are expecting this is a mem by Elon musk. But a huge amount of experts are also saying that this post can boost dogecoin to $100. Cause after this announcement a big gap of increment can be seen on Binance.

The dogecoin price started from $0.0001 and now its price is $0.54, this is a big jump by doge in these few hours. Not the only dogecoin, but there are also more related coins that are going to jump after that.

Why did Elon Musk announce?

Well, this coin is not much costly nowadays, so Elon Musk should buy this coin and gonna make money in the future. Same as bitcoin if we go back to 5 years, Elon musk was posting memes about BTC but now BTC is the father of coins.

We should hold dogecoin or sale? Dogecoin to the moon !

At that time, Hold coins is better. Now today its value going down and down so don’t sell for now. Ater 3 months you should sell.  Because its value and market cap going to increase very soon. The best coin ever is dogecoin. No any coin’s value increase in this type of fast mode. So don’t be panic and try to hold for now.

How much price can be increased?

As an expert’s prediction, its value can increase to $500 in the next year. Lets enjoy dogecoin to the moon tweet.

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