How to connect wordpress website with mobile app

WordPress provides a prebuild mobile application that you can use for any website. Simply you can connect wordpress website with mobile app free of cost. There are no any extra charges that you think to pay. There are 2 types of WordPress websites.

Follow few simple steps to connect wordpress website with mobile app

  • Go to your google play store or apple store and search for WordPress.
Installation screen of WordPress mobile app
  • Click on Install Button and installation will start.
  • After complete installation , Just open this app.
  • In open screen, you will see 2 options
  1. Continue with
  2. Enter Your Site Address
After Installation
Next step after installation wordpress mobile app

This is very important step. Mostly people make mistake here. They feel difficulty to difference between and Enter Site Address.

Continue with

Simply, if your website is hosted on or you are using a blog you can click on this option.

Enter your site Address 

If your website is hosted on other hosing just like GoDaddy, Hosgator, Namecheap or any other hosting. You can use this option.

But be careful, you are going to connect now.

Simply, I’m going to show you we are going to connect our site .

  • For example I clicked on Enter your site address for connect wordpress website with mobile app.  Enter your website address and click on continuew.
Login Screen
Login screen of WordPress mobile app
  • Simply the best, Just enter your website address or link and click on continue button.
  • In next screen you will see username and password screens. By this screen you can enter username and password.
Username and Password
Username and password screen of WordPress App
  • Enter your username and password and Click on Continue again.
  • That’s great, your website is on your mobile app now.
Dashboard screen of WordPress app.

Finally, WordPress mobile app is working with all functionalities of WordPress admin area.
You can do all possibilities that you do on desktop via mobile app

For example, you can

  • Add, edit or delete post
  • Edit or delete any page
  • Installation of any plugin
  • Customization of site
  • Getting Notifications and much more

Getting Stuck !

If you face any error, plz comment below or contact us.


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