How to install wordpress via control penal

install wordpress via control penal is our topic today. WordPress is a most powerful tool now a days. More than 90% of business sites are developed using WordPress these days. Installation of wordpress via control penal have 2 ways.

install wordpress via control penal

  1. Install wordpress via Softaculous App Installer.
  2. Manually install via file manager.

Method 1, Install WordPress via Softaculous App Installer

  • Login to your control penal and search for Softaculous App Installer.
  • After founding, just click on That option.
Installation of WordPress
Via control penal, installation steps
  • After clicking softaculous Apps Installer option , you can see wordpress as option.
  • Just click on on install, installation will be started.

  • That’s great, now after clicking on install button, wordpress installation has been started.
  • In the installation process given below,
  • Select Domain: Select domain from the list where you wanna install WordPress.
  • Site Name: Write site name or title.
  • Tagline or Description: In description box you need to add tagline of your website.
  • Admin Username:  In admin username box, write any username, by default its admin.
  • Password: In admin password field, you need to put any password.
  • Admin Email: In this field I recommend you to use your own email. This email can use for password recovery.

Simply after adding all the details , you can click on Install Button given in below screenshot.

Congratulations, Your wordpress has been installed. You can login via accessing yourdomainname/wp-admin .

Method 2, Manually install via file manager.

For manually installation , 2 sub steps.

  1. Creation of database
  2. WordPress Files download and upload on our server.

Creation of database via control penal.

  • Create database using control penal. Click on Mysql Databases.

  • Than in Create New Database fields, enter any database name (name can be any name just like zee, mydb etc) and click on Create Database Button.

After creating database, a database user is really important to create. Keep in mind your database and database user details must be save in your clipboard or save it in your document enywhere.

  • In this same tab, scroll down to MySQL users tab. Enter username in the username fields and password into password fields.
Create Database Preview
Plz make sure database username , database name and password are saved in notebad .

Database and database user now successfully created.

Final step for database creation is connection of database with user that we recently created.

  • Scroll down to the same tab and connect our database user to database.

  • Select User that we have recently created and database that we created and Click on Add button.

Database created and connected to the user.

WordPress Files download and upload on our server.

  • In wordpress download tab, download latest version of wordpress.

After downloading wordpress , Upload this file into your file manager.

  • Open your file manager folder into your hosting account and in public html folder, upload wordpress files and extract.
  • After extracting files, plz rename sample_wp-confige file to wp-confige.php.
  • Now finally, In wp congig file, inter database details. As also explained in above video.
  • Save confige file and try to open your website.
  • WordPress installation will be started. Just add few details and your installation is complete. For more detail plz watch below video.

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