How to mine btc on pc or laptop 2022

Now you can mine btc on pc or laptop without any external cost. You can use your old PC or laptop for this purpose. Like old methods, this method is not tricky or risky. It’s 100% real and safe for your PC. You just need to install software and boom, you can start mining.

Follow a few steps to Mine BTC on PC or laptop

Note: Turn off Windows Real-time protection before downloading this software. Because your windows seem all kind of miner software as a virus.

  • After downloading, simply Run this software, no need to install it.
  • In the next step, you need to select CPU or Graphics card as processing.

mine btc on pc

  • In this step, you need to select your cryptocurrency Select a coin or token .
  • Also, Enter your Bitcoin wallet.

mine btc on pc

Finally, Click on the Start button and you can now easily make your laptop a BTC miner.

What you should select either CPU or GPU

You can select CPU as wall GPU. It depends upon your CPU and GPU quality. If you have installed the best quality Graphic card you can select either you can select CPU.

Hashrate not depend only on CPU performance, you need to have the best quality internet for mining btc or any coin,

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