How to speed up WordPress website google speed insights using NitroPack Plugin 2021

Speed up WordPress website using nitro pack plugin is very easy. Using that plugin you can easily improve your WordPress website within few clicks. This plugin provides free CDN with 1 GB bandwidth per month for 1 website link in the free plan.

Let us proceed with the whole process of speed up the WordPress website. Follow the few steps below

Step 1: Signup on the NitroPack website.

nitropack speed up wordpress website plans

Just go to and click on Get Started button. After clicking that button you will see 4 plans. The first plan is free to plan, Just choose that and proceed to signup. Just click on Start for Free.

nitro pack form for signup

Now fill out the form and you are in.

Step 2: Add website in NitroPack dashboard

After successful signup and sign in, just go you and add your website URL there.

add website in nitropack

After clicking that button a popup will appear like below, Just enter your website URL and give a name and click on Free Subscription Option and save.

nitro pack speed up

Step 3: Get API key and Secret Key from website to connect WordPress website

After adding the website, Just Clik on Connect Website Icon and Copy Information for use later.

connet website with nitro

Step 4: Install NitroPack Plugin in your WordPress website

Login to your WordPress website

  • Click on Plugins > Add New
  • In Plugin Search Field Search for NitroPack.

nitropack plugin setup

  • Click on Install Now Button and Activate it after installation.


Now you need to connect your website with nitropack website.

speed up website setting

  • Click on Settings > Nitro Pack

speed up wordpress website step 5

  • Now just click on Connect to NitroPack Button and Click on your website link in the next popup.

Now your website is customized automatically via NitroPack and speed up your website within few minutes. Check your google page speed insights. It will be above 80 now after setup.

This is not only for WordPress you can also customize other websites using this automated plugin.

Keep in Mind about the plugin

  • It has only 1 GB bandwidth per month per website.
  • It will work for 5000 visitors per month. For over-usage, you need to buy a plan.


Let we talk about why speed up WordPress website is important.

Google rank any website into their list if website have great speed test results with their own algorithm. Google speed testers use their own techniques. That’s why speed is very important for any ranking into google and user experience.

Not only google, All other search engines for example bing and bidu etc also use same technique.

Is speed of website important for e-commerce stores?

Yes, Speed of website is also important for e-commerce stores and customer experience. If you use very low rate of website speed, you can lose your customers.

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