Important Skills for becoming a wordpress web developer!

Skills are very important for any field of life. If we start any kind of business or skill work, we should know about that. Today we are going to talk about which kind of skills needed for becoming a wordpress web developer. The most important thing of this article is that we will talk about only necessary things. By following these skills any one can be a wordpress developer with in few months.

There are few most important Skills for becoming a wordpress web developer!

  • Basic knowledge of css

CSS is styling language. CSS is required for giving some basic style changes in WordPress pages or posts. You can learn much about CSS at wp3schools. You can do some basic practice here and get basic knowledge. Don’t try to learn very long detail.


CSS For wordpress web deeveloper
Basic view of css for wordpress developer
  • HTML Skill

HTML is also designing purpose language. But in wordpress this is not used for designing pages. There are lots of page builders in wordpress which makes job easy. You can design pages using these kind of builders. HTML knowledge is needed for added scripts into header or footer of wordpress. w3schools is up for learning HTML.

HTML for wordpress developer
Basic HTML code for wordpress developer
  • Searching Skill on Google

This is most important skill for web development in wordpress. If you can search your words exactly what you want it mean you can get plugin. There are lots of wordpress prebuild plugins for solving our problems. We can use theme for adding additional functionalities in wordpress. That’s why, if you can search well in google you can get well and desired results for your solution.

google search for wordpress
Google search skill for wordpress developers and designers
  • WordPress Dashboard

Lastly you need to know about wordpress dashboard. About themes and plugins. If you get high range of knowledge about wordpress dashboard, plugins, themes and widget. Learn about customization of themes. After seeking customization knowledge. Go and make practice web development on local host and make portfolio for yourself.

WordPress Dashbiard
View of wordpress dashboard for developers.



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