Kismet – HTML Business/Portfolio Template



Kismet – Business/Portfolio HTML Template

With three different home page layouts, and 8 other templates, Kismet is a great fit for any business, product showcase or portfolio website.

Key features

  • Valid Strict XHTML
  • CSS 3 styling
  • jQuery improved Mega Menu
  • Fading Portfolio or Fading Sliding Portfolio
  • Working AJAX PHP contact form


January 23rd – Colors styles were updated. If you want to preserve the previous color styles please save the new styles separately. Default and “Stealth” styles have not changed.


The list of the templates you get with this theme.

  1. index.htm – Used for the home page. You get three home page variations in total.
  2. about.htm – Use for your about page or as a general introduction page.
  3. products.htm – Used for product listing purposes. Also included is a inner-products.htm template which can be used for showing off singular products and its features.
  4. page.htm – A general page template.
  5. gallery.htm – Used for holding a gallery of images with related content attached to it. Also included is an alternate gallery template called gallery-alt.htm.
  6. blog.htm – Used for showing blog posts, or perhaps press release.
  7. contact.htm – Used for your contact form.

Kismet Supports Mega Menus

Mega menus are a very highly effective and interactive way to direct your visitors around your website. In fact, Jakob Nielsen (a highly respected usability expert) encourages the use of these menus.

Simply follow the instructions in the help file, or just work from the code in any of the template files.

jQuery Improved

Kismet uses jQuery effects to spice up your theme. For instance, you can trigger a jQuery popup via a link and even insert jQuery powered tabs wherever you like.


If you require customizations please get in touch with me via my profile page.

Please purchase if you are interested as more color styles, and options, will be added in the near future.

Icon Credits

Flavour Icons and Mini Social Network Icons.

Image Credits

Creative commons licensed images from various Flickr users.

1. Leonid Mamchenkov
2. SecondPrint Productions
3. SecondPrint Productions
4. alexi1982


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