Need a website for business

If you need a website for business You are at the right place. We are providing stunning website web development services in a very handsome prices and support. We’ll provide you the best website with a stunning design according to your requirements and expectations.

What wordpress website for business will be included !

  • Eye catching Design
  • Landing page Design with all of your main stuff
  • Responsive for all devices
  • 5 Pages (Number of pages will be increase with your request)
  • Contact page with contact form working
  • Social media integration
  • Speed Optimization
  • Video Help for future corrections and adjustments
  • 1 Month free support for maintenance
  • Free domain registration and 2 GB space for your website data
  • 1 Database access and FTP access for file handling

If you need a website for business what kind of features we are going to provide you are given below. If need a website for business.

Eye catching design

It mean your website look and graphics will be attractive and smooth. If someone land on your website, it will look awesome and first impression will be great. Having an aye catching website design is a dream. If first impression is good, your visitor will stay on your website and make purchases also.

Landing page Design

The Landing page is a main page of your website, just like a home page. A page where all of your services and main purpose is described is called landing page. Landing page can be your home page or any other page. A target page where you customer interest will be 100%.

We’ll design it an a way that visitor can not leave your website, eye catching design will attract the visitor and urge visitor to stay and make purchase.

Responsive Design

Responsiveness is very important for any website. A huge number of visitors come from mobile and other devices. We’ll make your website 100% responsive for all devices. Your website will look GREAT on all devices specially on mobile.

Contact Page

A contact page is a page where your visitor can read your contact details and make a request for any services. They can directly contact you on your mobile numbers. But, if you have contact form in your contact page, they can directly e-mail you while do not leaving your website.

We are going to provide you a best contact page with working contact form that your visitor can easily approach you without sharing personal details.

Social Media Integration

More than 60% of population over internet is using social media accounts like facebook, instagramm etc. If you have a website, you should connect all of your social media accounts with website.

We are going to integrate all of your social media accounts with website. Your visitors can connect with you via social media accounts links.

Speed Optimization

While, speed optimization is Most important part. If your website load fast on browser it can easily rank on search engines like google, bing etc. And If your website load fast, user experience will also be great with you. If your website load with in 5 seconds it mean user will not leave your website, as compared if your website load with in 20 seconds, visitor is not going to wait. He/She will leave your website and you’ll lost your customer and visitor.

Our website speed optimization team will make your website faster and it will load faster on browsers. Approximately 3 too 5 second would be great.

Video Help

Sometime developers make website and leave you alone. Don’t worry we are not going to do this. After giving you website , We’ll provide you a video guide that how you can modify your website and can make changes in your website for future.

Support for maintenance

If any technical fault appear with in 1 month, we’ll fix that with in few hours for free. Quick customer support will always ready for you.

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