QuickCab v1.2.5 – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin Free Download

QuickCab - WooCommerce Taxi Booking Plugin

Free Download Free of Cost QuickCab – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin v1.2.5

QuickCab – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin Free of Cost Free Download 1.2.5 – CodeCanyon | QuickCab v1.2.5 – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin is a robust WordPress plugin designed for businesses that offer transportation as a service. It simplifies the process of estimating the cost of a journey, booking it, and paying for it.

It has been expertly designed to provide a superior user experience for both customers and administrators.

Why QuickCab – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin?

The QuickCab WordPress Free Plugin enables the creation of numerous, complex pricing conditions to account for any circumstance.

You can charge based on the distance traveled, the duration of the trip, the number of passengers, and the number of luggage items.

Alternatively, you can utilize our robust geofence pricing conditions, which enable you to draw custom areas on a map and charge a specified fee for collection/drop-off within that area. Additionally, you can implement uber-style surge charges, such as 1.5xing fares during rush hour.

Core Features:

  • Geofence Pricing Conditions
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Create Your Own Pricing Structure
  • Uber-style Surge Pricing
  • Customizable
  • Future-proof Code
  • Responsive Form
  • Intelligent Code
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Fixed Addresses
  • Intuitive Admin Area

QuickCab’s compatibility with WooCommerce enables a plethora of options and customizations. Customers can pay with a credit card, cash, PayPal, or a combination of these methods. How you customize the experience is entirely up to you.

Vehicle Customization

It enables you to create highly custom vehicles complete with custom images, pricing structures, and vehicle information that it will use to generate quotes for your customers.

The various vehicle pricing options include the following:

  • Price de départ
  • Per-mile/kilometer cost (including tiered pricing)
  • Minutely rate
  • Hourly rate (including tiered pricing)
  • The cost per passenger
  • The cost of each suit case

Geofence Pricing Conditions

It includes the extremely powerful and market-leading Geofence pricing rules. This feature enables you to create custom regions on the map; if a customer is picked up in one region and dropped off in another, you can either set a fixed price for the journey or increase it by a specified amount/multiplier.

Alternatively, you can draw a single geofence area on the map and leave the other location blank. This enables you to apply the custom pricing rule to any journey that originates or terminates in a specific location.

This is advantageous if, for example, you wish to charge an additional $5 for airport drop-offs.



Free Download Free Download QuickCab – WooCommerce Taxi Booking Free Plugin 1.2.5(0)


== v1.2.3 ==


  • improve how fixed addresses are loaded


  • bug where Geofence rules were not being applied when they should be
  • ensure booking form IDs are i18n adjusted
== v1.2.2 ==


  • add waypoints to email map
  • add JavaScript filters and actions to allow customization
  • add ability to hide suitcase and passenger input field


  • extra waiting time bug
  • ensure return departure time is used in quote generation
== v1.2.1 ==


  • improve google maps marker logic
  • ensure orders with no ID are not provided
== v1.2.0 ==


  • add waypoints to booking form
  • add extra waiting time to booking form
  • add map settings to booking form
  • IMPROVE: fix marker logic on booking form map


  • fix surge price calculation logic
  • fix time zone issue for orders
== v1.1.0 ==


  • add ability to create multiple different forms, each with their own settings
  • set a color for each vehicle which is used in the calendar
  • make quote calculation speed faster

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