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Seosight - SEO, Digital Marketing Agency HTML Template

Free Download Free of Cost Seosight – SEO, Digital Marketing Agency HTML Template

Seosight – SEO, Digital Marketing Agency HTML Template Free of Cost Free Download – ThemeForest | Seosight – SEO, Digital Marketing Agency HTML Template is a perfect solution for the SEO Agency, SEO Services, Digital Marketing Agency and Online Marketing Group.

Are you looking for a modern and professional HTML template for your business?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Seosight is a high-quality HTML template which was developed with SEO and digital marketing in mind. It has a clean design and it’s fully responsive.

The design of Seosight HTML Template is implemented in Flat Filled Outline Style.

As the Seosight HTML theme has clear code, that guarantees smooth website functioning for every SEO, marketing and digital business. Use its options for your website development!


One of the major advantages of SEOsight HTML templates is the accuracy of code structuring, which includes tables of contents blocks, comments and table of contents.

In the development of this SEO theme that is well-organized, we made use of the latest technology, called Gulp. This enhances our SEOsight HTML template more responsive, quick and simple to use.

It is one of the top seo templates is completely responsive. Along with its simple design , this amazing HTML template looks stunning regardless of the device you use it on.

SEOsight was created using SAAS which helped make the HTML template well-structured simple and easy for users. Thanks to SAAS users are able to alter the main colors in just one click, by switching styles to match global variables.

The Seosight HTML Template is an innovative concept to the SEO, Digital Marketing Agency. The style of this HTML Template is implemented using flat Filled Outline style. This is an original and innovative solution for your work.

The entire information about this and much more is contained in the extensive documentation that is part of this template pack. This allows SEOsight easy to modify, clear and as easy to understand code as is possible.

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Changelog Seosight – SEO, Digital Marketing Agency HTML Template


– updated GULP to version 4
– added source-maps for styles
– added new functionality for contact and subscribe forms
– added new accordion (Bootstrap 4.3.1)
– fixed bugs

Latest Version 07.10.2019

– change map from google-map to leaflet.js
– fix for footer-parallax
– fix for Pie charts displayed width
– update jQuery
– fixed small bugs

June 11, 2019

– added signup form
– added all theme icons in typography page
– fixed small bugs

Latest Version 27.02.2018

fixed mobile menu issue
fixed recent post slider
fixed testimonial slider
fixed Main slider with RTL styles

Latest Version 21.11.2018

– jQuery updated to latest version
– Added Range slider component
– Added Pre-loader screen
– Improved table of contents

Latest Version 1.5, 26.12.2016

– Added comatibility with Dreamweaver
– Updated documentation
– Added alert boxes
– Added styles for select

Latest Version 1.4., November 11, 2016

-Fixed main slider height-

Latest Version 1.3., September 25, 2016

-Improved responsive for header-
-Added sticky header feature-
-Added sticky footer feature-
-Added RTL styles-
-Added classes to main slider-
-Updated documentation – added topics on sticky header, sticky footer, main slider and RTL styles-

Latest Version 1.2., September 10, 2016

-Added gallery page.
Change list:
-css/gallery-skin – complete folder

Latest Version 1.1., September 6, 2016

-Added email subscription functionality-
-Added PHP files to send emails via contact forms-
-Added auto play function in the main slider-
-Aside panel is displayed on mobile now-
-Updated documentation-

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