Top 2 drag and drop page builders for wordpress

Drag and drop page builders for wordpress are very important for designing a stunning website. There are is long number of page builders for wordpress but few of them have extensive features. However, some of them are best ever and we have personally used them and reviewing them for best usage.

Top 2 drag and drop page builders for wordpress are below


Drag and drop page builder for wordpress elementor pro

Elementor is best ever page builder for WordPress. This plugin have 2 versions for building a stunning website and Specially landing pages. With free version of this plugin you can access almost all necessary drag and drop features for building a page with stunning features. It have more than 50 Widgets for making your page design better, Lots of animations options and customizer for every field of page. You can change every pixel of page with its stunning features. Elementor is best plugin ever for building Most powerful designed websites.

Mobile Customizer Options

Elementor have complete compatibility for mobile version customizations, They give separate tab feature for mobile customizations, you can completely design a mobile responsive website and pages using these.

Features for mobile customizer : drag and drop page builders for wordpress

  • Custom padding, margin and font size for any element
  • Hide or show option for mobile version
  • Can show custom font sizes for every p, h1, h2 etc tags and much more
Drag and drop page builder mobile editing

Visual Composer or WP Backery page builder |

drag and drop page builders for wordpress

Drag and drop page builders for wordpress visual composer

Visual composer is another most popular page builder for wordpress. It also have 2 version of plugin. One is free and other is premium. Free version of plugin have only few page building features and don’t have better widget options than elementor. Visual Composer have two editing ways, Front end and backend.

Mobile Usability 

For mobile usability for it don’t have properties like elementor. For mobile customizations , you have to use custom css in your theme for better customization. You can use mobile queries, but this is a difficult task.

But, Visual Composer is bit lite composer than Elementor, They have large library of templates.

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